Fully Automatic Pellet Frying Line with Wooden Heat Exchanger



Fully Automatic Pellet Frying Line
Model GFE – 300 GFE – 500 GFE – 1000
Production Capacity Approx- 300 Kg/hr 500 Kg /Hr 1000 Kg/Hr
Edible oil holding capacity Approx- 250 Ltr 350 Ltr 550 Ltr
Fuel Options (Diesel, Gas, Wood & Pellet) Edible Oil Filtration System – Conveyor Type in all Pellet Frying line model
Wooden System Approx 35 To 40 Kg/Hr Approx 50 To 55 Kg/Hr Approx 80 To 85 Kg/Hr
Diesel Approx 6 To 7 Ltr/Hr Approx 10 To 11 Ltr/Hr Approx 16 To 18 Ltr/Hr
Power Required 15 HP 20 HP 30  HP
Lifting System Screw Type Screw Type Screw Type
Floor Space Approx- 1100 sq ft 1400 sq ft 1700 sq ft
Length Of Line Approx- 50 ft 58 ft 65 ft
Material of construction AISS- 304 Grade SS AISS- 304 Grade SS AISS- 304 Grade SS

Fully Automatic Pellet Frying line Features

Gungunwala offer efficient and cost effective Snacks Pellet frying line for Snack Food industry. We use premium material & latest technology to ensure our clients get more improved quality range. Also, the products are customized to meet the varied requirements for our clients

Pre Heater – Pre heater is use for remove the moisture of raw pellets by hot oil circulation

Frying System

  • Complete system consists of frying section and sub merger belt, top hood, takeout belt, oil filter, heat Exchanger.
  • Multi flow maintains constant oil temperature on entire fryer length.
  • Excellent product quality and less oil in the product.
  • Indirect oil heating and less oil in the system for good oil quality and better oil management.
  • The Fryer comes with screw gear lifting arrangement of conveying system for Easy Cleaning and maintenance.

Edible Oil Filtration System – The continuous oil filtration is carried out by a belt type scraper, which keeps the frying oil clean and filtered particles are collected in a tray.

De Oiling Belt – Specially designed step De-oiling belt ensures optimal oil removal from the product.

Flavour Applicator System suitable for online application of dry ingredients i.e. Salt, Spices, Flavours, etc. for coating on a variety snacks.

Fully Automatic Pellet Frying Line with Diesel Heat Exchanger



Dimension 45 X 15ft (Diesel) & 45 X 20ft (Wooden)
Power Consumption 15HP (Diesel) & 17.5 HP (Wooden)
Production Capacity 500 Kg/hr.
Fuel Diesel, LPG or Natural Gas, Wood Based
Material of Construction AISS-304 Grade Stainless

Also available in 200kg/hr & 1000kg/hr production capacity.


  • Vibratory Feeder with Hopper
  • Pre Oil Tumbler.
  • Frying System with Continuous Oil Filtration
  • De-oiling Conveyer
  • Linear Feeder
  • Flavor Applicator & Drum
  • Oil Storage Tank
  • Control Panel
  • Round Type Wooden Heat Exchanger (3 Pass Heating System)

Other Processing Equipments

Kurkure Extruder