GUNGUNWALA Introduces a new revolution in frying technology for Chips, Dal, Kurkure & Fryums, Vatana and other products require high heat requirement, It is a new Rectangular fryer with a combination of Indirect heating gives you a saving in Fuel and double the production capacity.

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter introduce rectangular fryer with inbuilt heat exchanger, is made of SS 304 with tilting arrangement that enables unloading of Products in a single stroke after frying. The pan is having multiple opening for oil inlet from one side and outlet from the other side, the flow of oil is regulated by an oil circulating pump. The heated oil in the pan is coming from the heat exchanger and going out into the bucket type filter from the side of the pan. The pan is properly insulated from the bottom to avoid heat loss. Continuous bucket type filters for filtering the edible oil continuously. Fryer is also accompanied with Ecoflam Burner for product frying which is connected with Digital temperature controller & Control Panel. Fryer includes other components such as Bearings, counter weight etc. The Fryer will be supplied with chimney for flue gas exhaust about 6’ from ground.



Products Production Capacity
Kurkure & Fryums 250 Kg/Hr
Potato Chips 45-50 Kg/Hr
Banana Chips 40-45 Kg/Hr
Moong Dal 105-120 Kg/Hr
Channa Dal 120-130 Kg/Hr

Pan Size : 4.6 x 2.6 Feet and 5 x 3 Feet


  • Latest Oil Heating Technology with Inbuilt Heat Exchanger
  • Bucket Type Continuous Oil Filtration System
  • Reduces 60% Manpower in frying
  • Complete Material of Construction is SS 304 Grade
  • Oil Holding Capacity :- 110-140 Liters
  • Power Consumption 3.25HP (Diesel)
  • Spill Free design Reduce oil Wastage.
  • Heat Free working Environment
  • More than 40 % Fuel Saving as compared to Traditional System



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