Chips Plant Manufacturer

Potato-Peeler Machine Manufacturer

Potato Peeler

Our Potato Peeler attachment is engineered for efficiency and precision. It streamlines the peeling process, removing potato skins swiftly and uniformly. By automating this task, it significantly reduces manual labor, ensuring consistent peeling and enhancing overall productivity in your potato processing line.

Potato-Slicer Manufacturer

Potato Slicer

The Potato Slicer attachment is designed for precision slicing. It enables uniform cutting of potatoes into desired shapes and thickness, catering to diverse snack recipes. With adjustable settings, it offers flexibility, allowing you to create a variety of potato-based snacks, from crispy chips to flavorful wedges, meeting the demands of your customers.

Banana Slicer Supplier

Banana Slicer

Our Banana Slicer attachment is a versatile tool for fruit processing. It delicately slices bananas into even pieces, maintaining their natural shape and texture. This attachment is ideal for producing banana chips, a popular and healthy snack choice. Its gentle slicing action ensures the preservation of the fruit's quality, resulting in delicious and visually appealing snacks.

Hydro For Potato Chips Supplier

Dryer or Hydro

The Dryer OR Hydro attachment is pivotal in the snack production process. The Dryer option efficiently removes excess moisture from sliced or processed ingredients, ensuring the optimal texture and crunchiness of the final product. On the other hand, the Hydro attachment employs advanced hydrocyclone technology to filter out impurities, enhancing the cleanliness of the frying oil and promoting healthier snack options.

Flovar Application Drum

Hexagonal Flavor Applicator

Hexagonal Flavor Applicator attachment adds a burst of flavor to your snacks. It precisely applies seasonings, coatings, or spices to the products, ensuring an even distribution of flavors. This attachment is particularly beneficial for creating flavored potato chips, banana chips, or other snacks. With customizable settings, it allows you to experiment with various taste profiles, delighting your customers with unique and delectable snack experiences.

Namkeen Plant Manufacturer

Dough Mixer Manufacturer

Dough Mixer

Our Dough Mixer attachment is engineered for precision mixing of ingredients, ensuring a homogenous dough texture essential for namkeen production. It efficiently combines various components, enabling the creation of diverse namkeen varieties. With adjustable speed and mixing settings, it guarantees consistent dough quality, laying the foundation for flavorful and crispy namkeen products.

Namkeen Extruder Manufacturer

Namkeen Extruder

The Namkeen Extruder attachment shapes the dough into intricate and appealing namkeen forms. It offers versatility in design, allowing customization of shapes and sizes according to your product specifications. This attachment's precision and efficiency ensure uniform namkeen pieces, delivering a delightful snacking experience to consumers.

Namkeen Mixer

Namkeen Mixers

Our Namkeen Mixers are specialized units designed for blending spices, seasonings, and coatings with namkeen products. These mixers ensure an even distribution of flavors, enhancing the taste profile of your namkeen snacks. With variable speed controls and thorough mixing mechanisms, these attachments guarantee the consistent quality of flavored namkeen products.

Coating Pan Supplier

Coating Pans

Coating Pans are essential attachments for adding an extra layer of flavor or texture to namkeen products. These pans evenly apply coatings, spices, or glazes, enhancing the visual appeal and taste of your namkeen snacks. With precise temperature and rotation controls, they facilitate uniform coating distribution, resulting in visually enticing and delicious namkeen varieties.

Kurkure (Extruded Snacks) Production

Fully Automatic Extruded Snacks (Kurkure) Production Line
Kurkure Extruder

Our Kurkure Extruder attachment is designed for the efficient production of crispy and crunchy kurkure snacks. It processes a variety of ingredients into distinct kurkure shapes, ensuring consistent quality and texture. With adjustable settings, this extruder enables customization of kurkure dimensions, meeting diverse market demands for this popular extruded snack.

Batch Fryers - dal
Slurry Application System

The Slurry Application System attachment is crucial for enhancing kurkureflavors. It uniformly applies slurry mixtures of spices and seasonings onto the extruded kurkure snacks, ensuring a flavorful coating. This system offers precision in slurry application, resulting in perfectly seasoned kurkure snacks that delight consumers with every bite.

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