Gungunwala, a distinguished manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Ahmedabad, is proud to introduce its pioneering Continuous Namkeen Fryer. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of the snack industry, our continuous fryer is a symbol of innovation and excellence. Continuous Namkeen Fryers play a pivotal role in the production of namkeens, a popular and diverse category of snacks. At Gungunwala, we have harnessed our expertise to develop a fryer that excels in delivering consistent quality, efficiency, and high throughput. What sets our Continuous Namkeen Fryer apart is its unwavering commitment to achieving uniform frying results. With precise temperature control and advanced frying technology, this fryer guarantees that every batch of namkeen meets the desired crispness, texture, and flavor. For snack manufacturers, this translates to snack products that consistently meet and exceed consumer expectations. Efficiency is a core focus of our design philosophy. 

Namkeen Fryer with Wooden Boiler and Continuous Namkeen Fryer

Our Continuous Namkeen Fryer operates seamlessly, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. By automating the frying process, manufacturers can efficiently handle large-scale namkeen production, effectively reducing labour costs. To ensure food safety and product integrity, Gungunwala employs high-quality materials and follows international safety and hygiene standards during the manufacture of our Continuous Namkeen Fryers. Easy to clean and maintain, our fryers contribute to risk reduction and offer peace of mind in terms of food safety. In a rapidly evolving global snack industry, innovation and reliability are paramount. Gungunwala’s Continuous Namkeen Fryer empowers snack manufacturers to meet these demands, both locally and on the international stage. We provide comprehensive support for a seamless export process, making our fryers accessible worldwide. Discover the future of snack production with Gungunwala’s Continuous Namkeen Fryer. Elevate your manufacturing operations, increase output, and uphold the highest product standards with our innovative frying solutions. Choose Gungunwala as your partner, and let our technology drive your snack business to new heights. Trust our expertise and experience the difference for yourself.

Features :

Model CNF-250 CNF-350 CNF-500 CNF-700 CNF-1000
Production Capacity  250 Kg/Hr 350 Kg/Hr 500 Kg/Hr 700 Kg/Hr 1000 Kg/Hr
Maximum Power Consumption  6.5 HP 6.5 HP 9 HP 10 HP 10 HP
Edible Oil Holding Capacity 370 Ltr 450 Ltr 530 Ltr 590 Ltr 680 Ltr
Control System PLC – HMI
Product Detection Sensors Attachment Available in all Models
Fryer Insulation Fiber Glass Insulated Fryer Body (Minimizing Heat-loss)
Supported Products All Floating Products
Auto Oil Level Attachable in all Models
Warranty 1 Year
Other name Namkeen Making Machine
Installation Type Free Stand
Width of Setup 15 ft 16 ft 17 ft
CNF Front
Continuous Namkeen Fryer
CNF Front Manufacturer

Usage :

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