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In the heart of Ahmedabad, Gungunwala stands as a beacon of excellence in the snack industry. Our Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line exemplifies its commitment to superior manufacturing. With precision slicing technology, each potato is transformed into a uniform, crispy delight, and this meticulous approach guarantees a consistent crunch, setting their chips apart from the competition. What makes Gungunwala’s production line truly exceptional is its blend of efficiency and flexibility. The equipment is designed to accommodate various chip styles, from traditional classics to innovative gourmet options. Operators have full control, allowing adjustments in real-time to meet diverse market demands. Quality assurance is ingrained in every step. From washing and peeling to frying and seasoning, stringent hygiene standards are maintained that ensure not only delicious flavour but also the highest safety standards for consumers. 

Semi-Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

The user-friendly interface empowers operators, allowing them to regulate slicing thickness and frying temperatures with ease. Despite its advanced capabilities, the Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line  maintains a compact design, optimizing space in your facility. Gungunwala takes pride in the global quality of their equipment, rooted in local expertise. Crafted in Ahmedabad, each chip produced carries the mark of Ahmedabad’s culinary legacy, ensuring that every bite is high-tech in terms of quality, taste, and innovation. Choosing Gungunwala’s a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, means choosing a partner dedicated to transforming simple potatoes into extraordinary chips, one slice at a time.

Features of Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Model SA-PCL-100 SA-PCL-200 SA-PCL-300
Production Capacity (Finished Chips) 100 Kg/Hr 200 Kg/Hr 300 Kg/Hr
Total Heat Load 2 Lk Cal 4 Lk Cal 5 Lk Cal
Maximum Power Consumption  19 HP 20 HP 22 HP
Edible Oil Holding Capacity 480 Ltr 580 Ltr 670 Ltr
Total Length of production Line (Without Blancher) 55 feet 55 feet 55 feet
Automation Level PLC – HMI
Product Detection Sensors Attachment Available in all Models
Blancher Attachable in all Models
Fryer Insulation Fiber Glass Insulated Fryer Body (Minimizing Heat-loss)
Supported Potato Products Plain Chips, Ruffles Chips and Potato Sticks
Auto Oil Level Attachable in all Models
Width of line 15 feet 16 feet
Weight Based on Models
Semi Automatic Chips Line Manufacturer
Waffer Inspection Belt Exporter

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