Elevate your snack production capabilities with Gungunwala’s Rectangular Fryers, the epitome of efficiency and precision in snack frying. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Ahmedabad, we take pride in delivering top-quality fryers that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of snack producers worldwide. Our Rectangular Fryers are engineered to perfection, offering unparalleled frying solutions for a wide range of snacks, from chips and namkeen to pellets and more. With advanced technology and innovative features, these fryers ensure consistent, crispy, and delicious results every time. One of the key advantages of our Rectangular Fryers is their versatility. Whether you run a small-scale snack business or a large-scale production facility, our fryers are designed to handle varying production capacities without compromising on quality. 

Rectangular Fryer with Heat Exchanger1

Rectangular Fryer with Inbuilt Heat Exchanger

The rectangular shape optimizes space utilization and allows for efficient frying of different snack varieties. At Gungunwala, we prioritize quality, efficiency, and innovation. Our Rectangular Fryers are a high-tech to our commitment to delivering reliable and high-performance equipment. By choosing our fryers, you’re investing in a production solution that streamlines your processes, reduces wastage, and ensures uniform frying across all batches. Experience the Gungunwala difference – where trailblazing technology meets unmatched expertise. With our Rectangular Fryers, you can enhance your snack production efficiency, improve product consistency, and meet the demands of your discerning customers. Trust Gungunwala for your fryer needs and revolutionize your snack manufacturing experience.

Features of Rectangular Fryers :

ModelDirect HeatingInbuiltExternal HeatingLimpet Coil
FuelWooden Pellets, Diesel, Gas, Wood, BriquettesThermic Fluid
Automation LevelPLC – HMIManual
Fryer InsulationFiber Glass Insulated Fryer Body (Minimizing Heat-loss)
Auto Oil LevelAttachable in all Models
60-Micron Oil Filter

Our Rectangular Fryers redefine the frying experience :

Rectangular Fryer with Wooden Boiler .3d-Model-1

Usage :

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