Gungunwala, a trusted leader in snack production equipment, proudly presents its innovative Continuous Dal and Snacks Fryer. As a prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Ahmedabad, we have redefined snack manufacturing with this trailblazing fryer, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency. Our Continuous Dal and Snacks Fryer stands at the forefront of snack production technology, designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. One of its key features is the ability to maintain uniform frying results, ensuring every batch of dal and snacks achieves the perfect crispness, texture, and flavour. With precise temperature control and advanced frying mechanisms, snack manufacturers can rely on this fryer to consistently deliver snacks that meet the highest standards. Efficiency is a cornerstone of our design. The continuous operation of our fryer reduces downtime, maximizes productivity, and streamlines the manufacturing process. By automating frying tasks, manufacturers can handle large-scale production effortlessly, leading to significant savings in labor costs. At Gungunwala, we prioritize food safety and product integrity. 


Our Continuous Dal and Snacks Fryer is crafted using high-quality, food-grade materials and adheres to international safety and hygiene standards. The fryer’s user-friendly design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, further enhancing food safety measures. In an era where snack preferences are diverse and global, the Continuous Dal and Snacks Fryer by Gungunwala offers the ideal solution. Our fryer not only caters to local tastes but also meets international snack demands. We provide comprehensive support for seamless export processes, enabling snack manufacturers to expand their reach globally. Choose Gungunwala as your partner in snack production. Our Continuous Dal and Snacks Fryer promises efficiency, reliability, and innovation, ensuring your snack products consistently exceed consumer expectations. Experience the future of snack manufacturing with Gungunwala and elevate your production capabilities to unparalleled heights. Trust in our expertise and let your snacks stand out in the competitive market.

Features :

Model CNF-250 CNF-350 CNF-500
Production Capacity (Floating Products) 250 Kg/Hr 350 Kg/Hr 500 Kg/Hr
Maximum Power Consumption  7.5 HP 8.5 HP 11.0 HP
Edible Oil Holding Capacity 490 Ltr 600 Ltr 950 Ltr
Automation Level PLC – HMI
Product Detection Sensors Attachment Available in all Models
Blancher Attachable in all Models
Fryer Insulation Fiber Glass Insulated Fryer Body (Minimizing Heat-loss)
Supported Products All Floating and Non Floating Products
Auto Oil Level Attachable in all Models
Width of Setup 15 ft

Advantages :

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Usage :

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