Gungunwala presents an unparalleled Banana Chips Production Line, a demonstration to our position as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in the snack industry. Nestled in Ahmedabad, our contemporary facility embodies innovation and excellence. Our Banana Chips Production Line is meticulously crafted to transform humble bananas into crispy, flavorful delights. The line seamlessly integrates pioneering technology with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring each chip retains its natural essence. From peeling to slicing, every step is carefully monitored to maintain consistency and quality. What sets our production line apart is its adaptability. Whether you prefer traditional salted chips or exotic flavored variants, our equipment effortlessly accommodates diverse recipes. Operators have precise control over slicing thickness and frying duration, guaranteeing a perfect batch every time. 

Banana Chips Production Line Manufacturer

Banana Chips Line manufacturer in India

Hygiene and safety are paramount in our production process. Rigorous quality checks and adherence to global food safety standards are non-negotiable. We take pride in delivering not just chips, but peace of mind to our consumers. At Gungunwala, we understand the importance of efficiency. Our Banana Chips Production Line is designed for seamless operation, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal output. The user-friendly interface empowers operators, making it easy to customize settings and adapt to varying production needs. 

As a responsible exporter, we package our products with care, ensuring they reach in perfect condition, regardless of the destination. Our commitment to quality extends beyond borders. Choosing Gungunwala means choosing a partner dedicated to revolutionizing banana chips production. With our advanced technology, unmatched expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality, we bring you the finest banana chips, every time. Experience the difference that expertise makes; choose Gungunwala for your Banana Chips Production Line needs.

Features :

Model BCL-100 BCL-200 BCL-300
Production Capacity (Finished Chips) 100 Kg/Hr 200 Kg/Hr 300 Kg/Hr
Total Heat Load 2 Lk Cal 4 Lk Cal 5 Lk Cal
Maximum Power Consumption  14 HP 16 HP 18 HP
Edible Oil Holding Capacity 480 Ltr 580 Ltr 700 Ltr
Total Length of production Line (Without Blancher) 50 feet 50 feet 55 feet
Automation Level PLC – HMI
Product Detection Sensors Attachment Available in all Models
Fryer Insulation Fiber Glass Insulated Fryer Body (Minimizing Heat-loss)
Supported Banana Products Round, Oval, Long (Capacity may change based on shape)
Auto Oil Level Attachable in all Models
Width of line 15 feet 16 feet

Advantages :

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Usage :

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