Potato Chips Machine Manufacturers & Exporter

Potato Chips Production Line uses fresh potatoes as raw materials. The whole method of washing, peeling, slicing, de-watering, frying, seasoning and other steps are included to make delicious potato chips and to be one of the most popular snack foods in the world. It’s easy to operate, has economizing manpower, made of stainless steel, easy to clean and meets hygienic standards by automatic and consistent product line.

kurkure Making Machine Manufacturer

The raw materials of Kurkure are easy to obtain, and it is a fully automated production line. First, mix corn flour with water and inflate to the specific shape then match the classic frying machine of Gungunwala, so that the Kurkure fragrant is more intense after frying, and the taste is more crispy. The oil temperature and frying time can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

Banana Chips Machine

Specially designed frying system with wire-mesh belt arranging with precise oil heating control and dwell time control get the optimum frying. Peddle arrangement for chips frying. While continuous frying operation the oil gets fines released from the product, which degrades the oil quality, in-order to remove those fines we use highly effective oil filtration system designed. Banana Chips need a coating to become tasty, this is done in a coating drum immediately after frying and de-oiling. The coating drum comes in various sizes and has on the inside a self-cleaning profile. To ensure uniform residence time, strips are mounted in the drum. The rotation speed of drum are variable.

Namkeen Fryer Machine

Namkeen Fryer is continuous type namkeen processing equipment used for frying all kinds of namkeen. This frying equipment ensures that all namkeen is fried at the necessary temperature for quality output of product. The equipment is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity. It runs on diesel/LPG/Natural gas as fuel.

Batch Fryer Machine

Batch type fryer provided with diesel or kerosene operated burner which is insulated with ceramic blanket glass wool, refractory lining Outer body fabricated in stainless steel body, These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment friendly, fully safe, easy to operate. This Batch type Frying system is ideally suited for potato chips, banana chips and other low bulk density products like namkeens (salt snacks) Indian sweets, This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity.
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